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Equipment List

C. Keller Manufacturing Inc. is a full-function Precision CNC Fabricator and takes pride in our consistent high quality and on-time delivery. Fabricating begins in our CNC Turret punching department. All CNC programs are downloaded in our state-of-the-art computer network system supported by Amada's Fabriwin custom-designed software. Work to be formed continues through our NC controlled press brake department.

Our Quality Control department is equipped with the most up to date electronic gauging equipment and closely monitors work in process from start to finish.


C.Keller Fabricating Equipment

The following is a list of our fabricating equipment:

  • 1 MIETrack shop-floor software and data collection 
  • Fabriwin/Softworks 3D Cad software 
  • 5 Amada Pega thirty-ton CNC Auto Index Turret Presses
  • 1 Amada six-foot Mechanical Shear 
  • 1 Amada four-foot twenty-five ton NC Controlled Press Brake 
  • 3 Amada six-foot fifty-ton NC Controlled Press Brakes 
  • 3 DiAcro four-foot seventeen-ton Hydro-Mechanical Press Brakes
  • 1 DiAcro six-foot twenty-five-ton Hydro-Mechanical Press Brake 
  • 1 Minster sixty-ton OBI Punch Press 
  • 4 Haeger hydraulic hardware insertion presses 
  • 2 Bracker orbital riveting machines 
  • 2 MillerTIG welders 
  • 1 Miller MIG welder 
  • 1 Proweld stud welder 
  • 2 Acme twenty-five KVA spot welders 
  • 3 Jet drilling and tapping machines 
  • 1 Amada Notching and Coping Machine  2 Chicago Rivet Tubular Rivet Machines

Quality Control Support Equipment

  • Mitutoyo electronic height gage 
  • 1 Jones and Lamson optical comparator 
  • 1 Rockwell hardness tester 
  • 1 Mitutoyo plating thickness tester